Thursday, July 3, 2014

sewing & blog organization

Whenever I feel creatively stagnant, rearranging and organizing my physical workspace is the best way to refresh my energy. That or online fabric shopping, though that's more of an addiction than anything so I'm not gonna endorse it.

First, I've updated the tutorial page on my blog, which is hopefully beneficial for you guys (gals) most of all. Instead of browsing through pages and pages of lengthy posts tagged "tutorial," you can now simply scroll through a gallery view to find what you're looking for. Find the gallery by clicking the Tutorials button at the top of my blog. Screen shot:

It includes tutorials you've seen here as well as those I've written for the Craftsy sewing blog. I have been posting fortnightly tutorials over there but I don't wanna spam you every time one of my Craftsy posts goes live. So if you're interested in seeing all the tips & tricks I've been covering lately, just check out my tutorial page and it will show everything in order starting with the most recent, which happens to be about how to store printed PDF patterns. HOORAH STORAGE. I'm digging the three-ring binder method with side-zip sheet protectors. Any of you do the same?

I curated my fabric and pattern stash and gave away two full IKEA-blue-bags of stuff (!!) to an enthusiastic beginner sewer via Freecycle. I tried to sell on Craigslist but I received no serious inquiries, so I figured I'd just be gone with it all at once and make someone else happy. Most of it was hand-me-down or $1.99/yd Jomar fabric anyway. Then I reorganized my sewing room, buying crafter requisites like white cube shelves (though not from IKEA), and switching the location of my machines, iron, etc. The rearranging didn't really serve much of a purpose other than to make my room feel new-ish again so I'd be happy to sew in it. I'm just naturally messy, though, so my floor and cutting table are already covered in work and personal sewing projects. At least there's now a place for everything when I get around to cleaning up, yea? Haaaaa.

Have you been organizing your sewing space (or blog) lately? Any "aha" storage solutions you'd like to share? i.e. How to make or where to buy non-tacky cube storage cubbies for my new cube shelves that don't cost $10+ each?