About me

I'm Andrea, a mostly self-taught seamstress who uses this space to document all my frantic apparel sewing projects and awkward blog photo shoots.

I began a blog on in 2011 after I moved in my first roommate-less apartment. I thought it'd be a fun and self-congratulatory way to document my crafty pursuits in home decor.  By that point, though, I was already mostly satisfied with my apartment decor (it was a tiny apartment -- how much more could I do, really?) so I began using my sewing machine to make clothing instead of curtains. That's where you'll find me today.

I took private sewing lessons as a young kiddo, where I crookedly stitched together some tote bags and elastic-waist skirts. After that I had a spotty relationship with my sewing machine until I decided to pick up the hobby again in college. As an avid puzzler (crosswords, Sudoku, Scrabble, jigsaws, etc.), I enjoy the technical piecing process of sewing the most. I've never had a keen eye for fashion, so I mostly sew clothes that I believe flatter my body type and are practical for work and play. At some point after starting a blog, I took it upon myself to start sewing my entire wardrobe. Now the only things I buy are tights, bras and socks.

In early 2014, I decided to quit my full-time job in non-profit fund development to pursue sewing as a career. After six months working and learning under a seasoned seamstress and patternmaker, I ventured into running my own business doing freelance sewing and alterations.

My main gig as of 2016 is working as Studio Director of Butcher's Sew Shop in Philadelphia, where I lead sewing classes and private lessons for adults of all levels. I also help manage the studio space, social media and customer outreach.

Thanks for stopping by! If you don't take away any sewing inspiration from my blog, you're bound to find some dry humor or irrelevant Google image referencing at the very least. Drop me a line if you have any questions about my projects or process, or just wanna say hey.