Saturday, February 11, 2012

fabric giveaway winner

Let me first say thank you to everyone who stopped by this ole' blog and entered the fabric giveaway. And another big thanks to Debi for directing all the Sew Grateful traffic this week! She's done a remarkable job hostessing by taking care to highlight each participating blogger in a meaningful way.

So yeah, who won the fabric?!

njeri!! who said:

I love to sew because I love the feeling of accomplishment at the end of it all. Being creative is a part of who I am and in essence sewing makes me feel more me! I love having something that no one else [has].

Congrats, njeri! Looks like you don't have a blog for the rest of us to visit but I'll be e-mailing you soon to ask for your address.

So I loved reading everyone's responses to the question about why you like to sew. Non-sewers often ask me when I became hooked on this hobby -- to which I have no straight answer -- but not as often why. So why do I? Certainly I'm a fan of creating something unique to me that I can show off, but I think I actually most enjoy the process itself. I'm a long-time puzzler, as I grew up constructing jigsaws and solving crosswords with my dad. There's something immensely satisfying about creating the larger whole by piecing together its smaller parts. 

Puzzles and sewing both require patience, problem-solving skills, accuracy, a keen eye and trial & error. Sewing is superior in my mind, though, because (if I'm lucky) I can get long-term use out of wearing a cute outfit. Puzzles unfortunately can't really be displayed anywhere, and they take up a lot of room, so once they're complete they must be crumbled back into the box to sell at the next yard sale for 25 cents.


Uh, hello? I need the above jigsaw. It's hilarious. Can you spot the three dogs and two cats just chillin' amongst all those quilts? I can't decide if I just want to construct this puzzle and frame it, or actually join this ethnically diverse, lemonade-sippin', wicker chair-rockin', animal-lovin' sewing circle myself.


And a PUZZLE QUILT? How "fitting." I wonder if there are jigsaw blogs where people post photos of their finished puzzles and everyone leaves comments like, "omg cute." Shall I start one? 

Hope you're having a great weekend, friends.