Saturday, July 28, 2012

picmonkey secrets

Do any of you out there use PicMonkey at all? When Picnik was absorbed by the Google behemoth, I decided to look elsewhere for free online photo editing sites so I wouldn't have to sign up for Google Plus. PicMonkey's not bad, for being free. Its features are more user-friendly than the Picasa on my computer, especially since it actually allows you to resize the photos.

But, it has a dark side. An intriguing and admittedly tempting side.

... the TOUCH UP section.

Uh, yeah. They've always had a "Weight Loss" option, which shrinks the image width-wise. But they just recently added a "Nip Tuck" option, which lets you warp the photo to make you look slimmer. Or, if you're not careful, look like a smug alien:

I thought I'd try to edit one of my photos for real, just to see. I'm only curious! Maybe. Here's the Before and After of an unused photo from the batch I took of my floral print dress. Besides rotating and cropping the photo, I also did some tune-ups on myself. Shine reduction, wrinkle remover, airbrush, spray tan, teeth whitening, mascara, nip tuck...

Ha! Well, maybe I can use PicMonkey to crop out the Target shopping basket that sneaked its way into my home (illegally), and maybe it can make my face look less ghostly. But it's obviously not the best option for transforming my body while trying to show off the clothes I made. The floral print got all blurry where I tried to nip tuck my waist/hips and and then "re-fill" my bust area. I bet a skilled graphic artist who's not using a laptop mouse pad could make me look reaaaal good, but the best I can do is to make my right arm look like plastic while not even making it look slimmer.

How do you all feel about this whole PicMonkey "touch up" option? Would you ever secretly nip-tuck your hips or airbrush those under-eye circles? Or is it sad that these options even exist when we're supposed to have unrelenting love for our bodies?

Alright. Brief topic change. Let me explain why I haven't been sewing or blogging lately:

I have transformed my living room into a free advertisement for all the major chain home improvement stores!

Moving up north in t-minus two days. Whimper, squeal, grin, groan.