Tuesday, August 21, 2012

make this look: independent patterns

I flipppppped out when I first discovered the Sew Weekly feature "Make This Look" when I was getting into the online sewing community. It shows you how you can recreate designs (dresses, primarily) from ModCloth, Anthropologie, Ruche, etc. using comparable patterns and fabric. Very clever, as many of us seamsters love a lil' copycatting. I'm not sure if Mena has some kind of ModCloth endorsement or what, as it seems like she's promoting their items at the same time as encouraging us to make our own versions of stuff instead of buying theirs. Here's an example:

I have noticed that almost all of the Make This Look pattern recommendations are commercial patterns, though there's an exception or two (see here). Anyway, when I was on ModCloth the other day I kept discovering items that looked an awful lot like some of our favorite independent pattern designs. I thought some of the similar ones were worth sharing.

Disclaimer: I'm not in any way accusing anyone of copying designs. Not sure how that'd happen in these cases anyway, and it's nearly impossible to draw that line when it comes to fashion. I just found this interesting!

The Frond Bombshell ($190, yikeys) is eerily similar to the Lonsdale dress pattern by Sewaholic, even the tea length of the skirt. The ModCloth design is actually a halter, though, while the Lonsdale has straight straps that connect to the back bodice. I think the Lonsdale is well-suited for a large-scale graphic print like this one.

The Palm of Your Hand dress ($115) reminded me of a slightly more conservative version of the popular bombshell dress from Gertie's online course on Craftsy. Gertie's dress has a lower neckline and a zip back, while ModCloth's has elastic shirring in the back.

The shape of the Catalogue Your Dots ($143) dress is similar to the Lily dress from Colette's Spring/Summer 2012 pattern line. Obviously there are differences in the collar and gathering of the skirt. I kinda like the idea of adding buttons to the front of a Lily. You know, I'm really struggling with the fact that the ModCloth dress is $142.99. It's 100% cotton and unlined... Just, why?

Duh. This is the first dress I saw that made me go, wait - I know that pattern... The Strawberry Cobbler dress ($65) is a nearly dead ringer for a Cambie dress pattern by Sewaholic, except how the bodice is shaped by gathers instead of darts. ModCloth's has an open upper back, too. I don't know if I could handle a Cambie so sickeningly sweet as it is in this fabric, but I'm down with the idea of using contrasting fabric as an accent.

It's kinda hard to tell in this (questionable) print, but the Dandelion Around skirt ($35) resembles Megan Nielsen's new Kelly Skirt pattern. Two buttons on the wide waistband, two pleats in the same place, but in-seam instead of scoop pockets (and a weird long underlayer?). I still want a Kelly skirt in a print, like Roobeedoo's.

Uh, can I get a whoa. The Behold the Emerald Dress ($50) is crazy close to the Miz Mozelle dress pattern by Jamie Christina. That green color is beautiful. I might want this pattern now.

Speaking of Jamie Christina, this Dockside Date knit maxi dress ($53) is just like her ever-popular Mission Maxi pattern. Even has a racerback, though more pronounced. After I made this connection, I saw the ModCloth version on A Beautiful Mess, worn by Elsie (here). Dear ModCloth, I'm a blogger, too. Can you send me free clothes? Eh, whatever, I'll just sew them.

You'd think that seeing all these similarities in the RTW world would make me inclined to shrug and say, "Why sew it when I can just buy it?" Somehow, though, it affirms my love of sewing, and makes me proud that I could reproduce these good-looking garments in my own home. Plus - seeing the original price$ of the ModCloth dre$$e$ make$ me really motivated to keep $ewing my own $tuff. 

Seen any independent design lookalikes in the RTW world lately? I'm curious - Does it make you pleased that you have the option to sew similar designs yourself, or does it discourage you from sewing in any way?