Wednesday, October 12, 2011

apartment tour

Yesterday I was a Tumblr who Tumbld, but today I am officially a Blogger who Bloggers. Mostly because I can't stand the omission of vowels in words. Srsly.

Blogger, meet my 450-square-foot apartment. It has a few more than four walls, and some of them are not square. What's in a name?

In case you're stat-happy, here are some slightly irrelevant stats: the Department of Housing and Urban Development says that fair market rent in FY2011 for a one-bedroom place in Louisville, Kentucky (where I live) is $585 per month--about what I pay. The highest I saw in the country is San Francisco at $1,465 and the lowest is in my dear state: Lawrence, KY at $383. I would never call $1,465 FAIR, especially because that's 150% of Louisville's rent but my current salary converted to SF dollars would only be 82% more.

Back to my apartment, which was featured as a house call on Apartment Therapy. I write that sentence with seventeen hidden exclamation marks. Srsly.

These photos are are old enough that they don't capture some of the changes I've made (moved photos, killed plants) and projects I've completed since summer (wrapped tin cans in fabric).

But taking all new 360-degree photos would mean I'd have to make the bed and do dishes or something equally awful, so I will slowly Blogger my way through some of the DIY stuff that's worth sharing. Some of it will be recycled from my Tumblr.