Monday, October 17, 2011

let it snow?

I sewed this skirt today. It's my own (very basic) pattern. Invisible zipper in the side seam with tiny button & loop closure. Slightly gathered in front and back, with a top-stitched waistband.

This was "global"-themed designer fabric I bought at Joann's, something that says "Jester Red Diamond M..." on my receipt. I guess when they label something "global" they just mean... non-Western. They didn't specify what part of the globe inspired this design. I kept leaving and coming back to it and decided it could make a pretty sundress or skirt. Red and white is a palette I'm always attracted to. (Go Cards).

When I took the bolt to be cut, the chatty scissors-wielding employee said, "Oh cute! Snowflakes! Are you making a Christmas dress?" Oh no... I didn't realize global could mean North Pole.

After she cut, she told me the price per yard and the total I was going to have to pay. I guess I had misread the sign, or just assumed everything is always on some sort of sale at Joann's. Nope, apparently not the global fabric. It traveled a long way to get here, maybe via Rudolph's sleigh, and that costs a pretty penny.

I bought it anyway -- smh -- and spent a few weeks just kind of eyeing it in my fabric stash, occasionally wrapping the yardage around my body to see how much it actually looked like snowflakes and whether I could force non-Christmas apparel out of it. I finally made the skirt today, still unsure, and now keep staring at these pictures to determine if I look like Mrs. Claus' kitchen assistant. I like the weight and drape of the fabric but this snowflakes thing is killing me. HELP ME.

I hate making things that I'm not confident to wear. I'd probably never question it if that woman hadn't said anything about snowflakes, but now I'm just in a blizzard of confusion. Pun intended (forced)-- you're welcome.