Sunday, November 27, 2011

a couple cute skirts for a cute lil' kiddo

I took a break from selfish sewing (whoa) and made two skirts for a co-worker's 5-year-old daughter. She's smart, she deserves 'em. Also, her mom bribed me into it so I had no choice. (joke)

I made this using the Oliver + S free "Lazy Days Skirt" pattern found here. I added lining since the material was pretty thin, and applied the bottom ribbon a bit differently than instructed so I'd only have one line of visible stitching, instead of two, to worry about.

I also added a line of stitches at the top of the elastic to prevent rolling. I think it looks better that way anyway.


For the second skirt I used House on Hill Road's "Twirly Skirt Tutorial" found here

The instructions said to use two 40" wide pieces of fabric for the skirt, which became a skirt with a circumference of, yikes, 80 inches. I tried this, but by scrunching 80 inches of that thin waistband fabric over 1/2" elastic and a fabric tie, the waistband ended up being incredibly stiff and practically immobile. I thought this would be uncomfortable for a kid to wear all day, so I chopped off a significant amount of skirt fabric so the waistband could have more give. 


 Still twirly enough, I hope.

I hope she likes these!

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