Thursday, November 10, 2011

my first sewn shirt, ever

I branched out and bought my first shirt pattern. Yea, and I call myself an "advanced" beginner? New Look 6963 is labeled easy so I thought it'd be a good (& inexpensive) way to learn how to make collars and buttonholes. Not the chicest of blouses, though, by the looks of the cover:

The wind in her hair is a nice touch, New Look. I wonder where sewing pattern models rank in the modeling hierarchy. I usually just feel bad for them because of the things they're often forced to wear.

Anyway, my shirt.

I made view C, with the shorter tab-less sleeves. The construction was pretty simple, but I did stumble on a couple things. The upper back facing is kind of a mess; the shape seems completely wrong and doesn't lay flat. I had to pleat it in a few places because there was so much excess fabric flopping around. I'm blaming the pattern.

Fabric and collar close-up:

Also, I'm pretty sure I accidentally gathered the sleeves at the shoulders. It seemed like I was supposed to ease the sleeve in and still have it lay flat & ungathered? I couldn't see how this was possible due to how much fabric I had to ease in-- probably because I'm a sleeve novice -- but I liked the look so I just made it my way.

Side (wrinkled):


The shape's a bit too boxy from the front, so I think I will only wear it tucked in with a higher-waisted skirt. The back has a nice shape because of the long darts, but the front looks a little bit like a bowling shirt. Here is the back, untucked:

Oh, and my fabric of choice? Another bedsheet. Can't get enough of this idea. This was a Martha Stewart Living flat sheet in my parents' guest room linen closet that they haven't used in years. I like it as a shirt more, I think.

I guess I've found my calling - giving new life to crumbled linens.

Total price of project: $2.99 pattern + $0 sheet + $1.25 buttons + scrap interfacing