Friday, December 23, 2011

a mustard skirt, to match my blog title font

I'd been pining after (and pinning) mustard-colored skirts all fall. 

So, naturally I wait until the first (second?) official day of winter to make one. 

 It's more like gold, I guess, or honey mustard. Or Colonel Mustard, sans monocle. Wikipedia describes him as a "colonial imperialist." Sounds like someone I'd love to invite to my mansion parties.

I used Simplicity 2226, one of those "learn to sew" patterns. I'm trying to pump out some simpler patterns while I gear up to make the Colette Negroni next on my list. Menswear, yikes. Matching plaids, yikes. Continuous laps, yikes. Sewing something fitted for someone else, yikes!

I like how the pattern model is entranced with the instructions, even though she's already wearing the skirt she just made. She's like, "Now, how do I post pictures of my boring skirt on Blogger?" Girl, I'm on it.

I took two inches off each side of the back pieces to eliminate some fullness in the gathers. I've learned my lesson about Teletubby bums.

The blogger Noodlehead recently held a sew-along for this skirt. Even though I missed it at the time, I referenced her instructions along the way. Her linky party's still open for another day, so I'm going to toss this on up there.