Thursday, December 15, 2011

neverland blouse

I feel like a sewing machine these days. In a good productive way, I mean -- not because my tension's high or I'm on my last thread or any other bad sewing pun. My actual sewing machine has been cooperating pretty well with my current frenzy; I think it likes the attention.

Here's my first successfully executed (more or less) vintage pattern. The instructions were pretty wacky but I improvised a bit along the way.

I used Simplicity 4408, view 3, a short-sleeve blouse with shaped cuffs and a small "peter pan collar." The pattern was published in 1953, which happens to be the same year Walt Disney released the original animated Peter Pan -- who by then had a pointed collar, Lord help us. Apparently the character did have the soft rounded collar when he appeared for the first time in the 1904 play in England. By the time the mid-century rolled around, women and girls were sporting the look, and Disney wasn't gonna have any of that girly European nonsense. 

And they gave him tights and a waist belt, too. Phew, masculinity saved.

Yea, I realize that Peter Pan statue above is strange. Who's that tiny bodacious lady looking up his dress? Anyway, thanks, Peter, for bestowing your adorable little collar upon us. The cool sewing bloggers of the 21st century are thrilled about its revival in fashion and the modern pattern industry. I do feel a little smug that I used an authentic vintage pattern for it, to be real.

This is 100% cotton I bought on sale from awhile ago. I only had a yard of it, so used contrasting fabric for the collar, sleeve cuffs and button placket. 

The dart and tuck details of this blouse definitely have the mid-century vibe, which is lovely even if it makes it a pain to iron.

This top is pretty cute but I really need to stop making garments that don't match anything else in my wardrobe. Or, uh, can't be worn in the current 35 degree weather. I believe the blouse is meant to be tucked in, but I don't really have a skirt that goes well with this minty green. Any suggestions for color pairings, fashionistas?


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