Thursday, January 3, 2013

cambie v2

Watch out. This Cambie dress is all growed up.

If you don't count the 18,000 thrifted items I keep meaning to refashion (ugh), I don't have too many unfinished objects languishing in that closet behind me. This Cambie dress was the exception, though. I started and nearly finished it a few months ago, but stowed it away when I got bored. That's what happens when I make a pattern more than once, I think. All I had left to do was adjust the dart position, fix the pockets along the side seam, and hem the skirt and lining. Finally conquered.

Ha, I do not carry around my blazer like this normally. Just when I'm wearing this new dress to a top-shelf cocktail party and/or schmoozy corporate networking event. (j/k I drink Yuengling beer and work for a non-profit.)

This pose better represents my true personality. Squirrel watching, likely.

I didn't think I'd want to make another Cambie because it's pretty darn sweet (see my first here), but I liked how the other one fit so thought I'd try it again with a straight neckline, ungathered sleeves and shorter hem. I think it worked out. I won't wear it a ton because my office is slightly more casual than this. But I could definitely wear it out to dinner or... something. Business casual squirrel-watching.

It's black and white, if the zoomed-out photos weren't totally clear. I wish I knew what this fabric was and it scares me that I don't. It was in the wool section at Jomar, but fabric categories at Jomar are loosely interpreted to say the least. It's some spongy textured suiting type of fabric with a loose weave. It's kinda reminds me of rope, and practically absorbs your stitches. Great for hiding crooked top-stitching but terrible for seam-ripping. 

I chose purple lining because, hell, why not? Corey only saw me sewing the lining part of this dress, so he thought I was making a shiny purple polyester dress. Totally my style, yes? He didn't try and stop me, though.

As before, I attached the lining to the zipper using Tasia's method described on her blog. I also looked at her tutorial for getting the straight neckline but that's pretty intuitive. For my slightly altered dress sleeves, I just used the sleeve lining pattern pieces (which are ungathered already) so I knew how wide to cut them.

I like how the back neckline of this pattern does not gape on me, thanks to the ability to adjust the straps before sewing them at the end. I think I went overboard, though, and made these straps too snug, which prevents gaping but also prevents maximum arm movement. I had already serged the straps so had no more fabric to let out.

Well, one can always unzip the top of one's dress in the back for some more mobility and throw on a blazer as a disguise. But I wouldn't dare cheat like that.


What about you? Have any UFOs that need some attention?