Sunday, January 27, 2013

one beignet - hold the buttons - and a side of alma

Anyone who knows me IRL probably knows my navy corduroy Beignet skirt, too. We are two little peas in a little ole pod. I'm kinda obsessed with it and typically wear it once a week, if not more. It just fits me perfectly and expertly straddles the line between casual-enough and yet not-so-casual, which makes it a rare gem in my wardrobe. I just had to make this pattern again. I HAD TO. But with four button-down skirts already in my possession -- two of which are in constant rotation -- I decided to sacrifice the buttons this time.

I made the skirt shell in beige wool (gifted from my fabric angel), so the result is a little dressier than the corduroy. It's actually quite a yawn, really, and something I almost didn't blog about. But I thought the button-less idea might inspire someone else to try it -- especially if they already own the Colette Beignet pattern but dread making those 12 buttonholes. 

To change it, I eliminated the overlap and cut the front piece on the fold (the center front is where the buttons are marked). I added seam allowances to the back piece and cut two of them so I could insert an invisible zipper. The facings and lining were essentially the same as the original pattern, except for the front piece. I basically cut them to mimic the front shell. The back lining pieces were slip-stitched to the zipper.

That's not my actual bum, don't worry. But this reminds me: I do have someone to introduce you to.

Awwww, ain't she cute. My brother and his girlfriend surprised me with this dressform for Christmas. This little lady has already been featured on my Instagram (I'm pretty new there; if you're on, let me know your username and I'll gladly follow your photo-filtered life adventures), but she hasn't made a proper appearance on my blog. She's a Singer 150 Adjustable Dressform (similar here) that can crank between 6 sizes, so she's got dem hipz like her ma. I'm still getting used to the practical functionality of a dressform, so in the meantime she's just wearing pretty clothes and gazing out my sewing room window all day, creepin' the neighbors out (I hope).

Anyway, as I was making this skirt I remembered that my closet is full of skirts that don't have tops to go with them. I vowed that if I was going to finish this baby up, I would also make something to wear it with. I've had the Sewaholic Alma blouse pattern for awhile so figured I'd go for it.

This fabric was upcycled from an ill-fitting tunic dress I consigned for $9. I only had enough fabric for a sleeveless version so that's what I did. I do realize there's snow on the ground outside. Whatever, you know.

The pattern has you add armhole binding for version A anyway, so I just followed the instructions while ignoring the cap sleeves. I also narrowed and deepened the front V-slit a bit, brought the vertical darts 7/8" toward the center, and took in a big chunk off the back neckline due to gaping. The pattern's fine - nothing revolutionary, but makes for a decent fitted top to wear to the office.

Anyone else out there love the Beignet pattern as much as I do? Would you consider making a buttonless version?

Hope you had a good weekend!