Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Yep, your sewing blogroll is regurgitating the same title for everyone's posts this month. Mmm, mmm, good, MMM is here! It seems we all have different ideas of what constitutes the "first week," but I've interpreted it to mean 7 consecutive days. So welcome to my first weekly post in which I showcase the handmade outfits I scrounged together for Me-Made-May 2013. My pledge is to wear at least one handmade item per day during the month of May, so this is what you'll witness below. I wrote in the present tense for each day because I actually updated this blog post at the end of every day. That's commitment, man.

Day One
Striped jersey top (blogged here) with black buttonless Beignet skirt (unblogged - similar here). You'll probably see a lot of this black skirt because, hello. It's black and it's a Beignet, my fave-o pattern. Today I decided to be "brave" and mix prints. My mom bought me the scarf from Modcloth -- it's soft as silk (but not actually silk, o' course) and it's got poniiiiies on it.

Day Two
Floral wrap dress (blogged here). This is one of the very few floral-printed garments I own, handmade or otherwise. I'm more of a graphic print or plaid kinda girl, I think. Sometimes I love this dress and the colors and the fact that it's rayon, but sometimes I'm just not feelin' it (hence the dead-eyed look in my photo above). I haven't worn it since last summer, though, so I thought I would give 'er another go.

Day Three
Jersey feather racerback dress (blogged here). Ugh, full-length shot is blurry. I need a camera shutter release remote. I ain't reshooting at this point, though, that's for sure. It's ~Friday~ and this stressful work week is over and it's beautiful outside and some neighbor is blasting "Get Down Tonight" by KC & the Sunshine Band out their window (no joke) and I have adult beverages to consume on the asap. Anyway, this is the dress I wore today, paired with a gray cardigan from Forever 21 that is barely intact. My colleagues tease me for rarely wearing jeans on casual Friday, but what's more casual than a racerback jersey dress, aka belted jim jams?

Day Four
My Project Sewn contest outfit for the "black and white" theme (see here for the full blog post and vote here for me if you're so inclined!). I actually did spend most of my day in this ensemble, red lipstick included, even though I was trucking up and down the stairs doing laundry in between sewing sessions and photo ops. Yep, neighbors, I always do laundry in heels.

Day Five
Tribal dress (unblogged). Today was another clear sunny day so I wanted to pretend like it was warm enough for this dress alone, but it wasn't. I eventually put on tights and a jacket to go out for Cinco de Mayo dinner. I made this dress in like 3 hours a few weeks ago-- it's just a kimono tee thing with an elastic waist. The fabric is rayon --a rare find at JoAnn's-- from the "tribal fabric" section. Who do you think is the tribal fabric consultant for JoAnn's? What tribes are we talking about here? Do I sense some political incorrectness?

Days Six and Seven
Back to work in my usual suspects. Left - my (wrinkled) beige buttonless Beignet worn with secondhand blouse and gift scarf. Right - my polka dot wrap dress. So glad I made this wrap dress -- it's a no-brainer piece for work, which I certainly needed this morning with only five hours of sleep and a complete lack of interest in the whole primping process. Just throw on one thing and, magically, you're fully dressed. Not very interesting for MMM, though.

7 days and 7 outfits down. 24 to go-o-o. Let's see if I can learn to focus my camera by then. I don't feel wardrobe-challenged yet, but who knows how I'll be limping along by the end of this. If you're participating in Me-Made-May, how are you feeling at this point?