Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Konnichiwa y'all. How appropriate that on the day I'm posting my second full week of me-mades, my friend Abby from Dear Abby Leigh is hosting me on her weekly blog series, "Dress for the Day You Want to Have." Not many people I know in real life have active blogs (after the social demise of the mighty LiveJournal, haa), but Abby had one going strong before I was a reader or participant in the blogging community at all. I owe her for being part of my inspiration to start a blog (without her knowing it) as well as introducing us to the best blood orange margaritas in Philly. Her "Dress for the Day" series features stories, cute outfits, guest posts and a linky party that celebrates the clothing that helps us feel confident and inspired each day. Today I'm over there talking about my aspiration to create a fully handmade wardrobe. Thanks for hosting me, Abby! Move back to Pennsylvania! Anyway, check it out.

Onto the me-mades...

Day Eight
Blue and black psychedelic lace dress. Wuuuttt! Not blogged yet because I made it last week while I was supposed to be working on my Project Sewn outfit. I procrastinate my sewing by... sewing? Anyway, I'm kind of in love with this dress. It's hard to tell but the fabric is a knit, and the black is a crazy zig zag lace that is pre-fused to the blue underlining. The pattern is New Look 6176 with modifications, like fisheye darts in the front. Did you know that New Look has 18 million shift dress patterns available that look exactly like the Colette Laurel pattern? Just sayin'.

Day Nine
ANOTHER buttonless Beignet, this time in a bizarre print, ALSO unblogged. Sowwy. This fabric is a stretch cotton sateen that's easily the most expensive fabric I've ever bought from JoAnn's. And I don't even know for sure if I like it, because it kiiiind of reminds me of animal print and I do not wear animal print. Anyway, did you know that you can squeeze a size 6 buttonless Beignet skirt shell out of less than one yard of 59" fabric? Now that's efficiency at its finest. I realize my pieces are slightly different because of the closure modification, but the button placket facing alone would not require an extra yard and a half, I promise.

Day Ten
Hey frump mcgrump. Retro orange knit top (first blogged a million years ago here) and F21 jeans. So I actually did wear jeans for Casual Friday. I was not comfortable at all today, despite the fact that I'm dressed down. The temperature was above 80 degrees, meaning this medium-weight vintage polyester shirt was a little toasty. And the shirt neckline is slightly too wide so I had to wear a strapless bra, which is not fun when you don't have fitted woven clothes to keep it in check. And the top is a bit tight in the hips and loose in the waist, so I kept having to tug it around. Wear and learn.

Day Eleven
Stripey jersey dress (blogged here). Ooh nice awkward iPhone photo, taken on our walk back from an Indian food gnosh fest. I look so short and red in this photo! Is Corey 8 feet tall? I was thrilled to remember that I had this dress tucked back in the depths of my closet. I wore it several times in the winter but never felt that comfortable because cotton jersey and thermal tights do not get along well. I think the dress looks better with bare legs, so I'm glad to officially bring it into my warm weather wardrobe rotation. It has a coffee stain on the skirt front now but do I look like i.g.a.d?

Day Twelve
Pintuck bodice sundress (blogged here). I just posted about this baby so I have no more words except that I love this dress.

Days Thirteen & Fourteen
Cocktail Cambie dress (blogged here) and gray linen Kelly skirt (blogged here). More black, more white, more red belts, more gray. I almost wore a black top with that gray Kelly today but it felt sad and stuffy. The purple top is secondhand.

Oof! Still enjoying my participation Me-Made-May, but I'm likely going to have to start repeating pieces soon. Halfway through -- how have you fared?