Thursday, May 23, 2013


Sweet! Onto the next. If you're just tuning in and wondering why I seem more narcissistic than usual with my selfies and am going overboard with the Picmonkey collages, it's because it's Me-Made-May 2-0-1-3. Every day during the month of May, I'm wearing at least one handmade garment. In case I'm audited by some MMM enforcement service, I'm taking daily photos to prove that I'm sticking to my pledge.

Day Fifteen
Red ponte dress (blogged here, kinda, with my coverstitch machine review). The perfect work dress.

Day Sixteen
Thrifted plaid button-up with navy half-circle knit skirt (blogged here). Today a volunteer at the place I work complimented me out of the blue and said this outfit "really suited me." Can't say I disagree. Definitely an Andrea outfit.

Day Seventeen
Black OWOP blouse (blogged here) over thrifted knit dress. One of the remaining survivors of my One-Week-One-Pattern sewathon last March. This blouse has always been a bit tight so I don't wear it much. I felt a little awkward tying it in a knot like this, but it's a good way to cover an unflattering dress bodice by featuring it as a skirt instead.

Day Eighteen
White Archer shirt (blogged here) and blue denim Moss Mini skirt (blogged for my 80s challenge here). A Grainline Studio Pattern kinda day! I finished this skirt on Saturday morning so was pumped to wear it out. But it looks like I wore this outfit to bed, damn. Tuck your shirt in! Use an iron! Well, I wore it to eat French fries and drink beer, so I was not projecting much elegance today as it was. Cute 'brella, though, amirite? Cute Philly sidewalk litter, amirite?

Day Nineteen
80s outfit (blogged here). Tubular. I'm digging this jacket more and more. It's stretch denim and actually fits my broad back so I can flail my arms around like a normal person (who flails). My other fitted jackets provide no such luxury.

Day Twenty
Cambie dress (blogged here). Zzzz. I mean, it's fine, I'm just kinda tired of it already. Maybe it's because I look so cool in my 80s outfit from yesterday and I look so... precious in this knee-length A-line dress and cardigan combo today. I think my style is definitely changing (for the worse?) because I just want to hack off this hem and yank down the neckline. Whoa, girl, calm down.

Day Twenty-One
White Archer shirt again (found here) and chevron print skirt (blogged here). I'm pretty excited that I'm still actually wearing stuff that I made a full year ago. Last year at this time is when I really noticed my sewing starting to improve, which means more wearable and long-lasting garments, hoorah. I know I wore this shirt on Saturday but it's great to finally have something to wear with this skirt. For some reason I always struggled to style this thing because I didn't want to overwhelm my body with color and prints. A basic white button-up was the ticket.

So what have I learned so far? I should stop wearing the same shoes every day. And since they're secondhand Urban Outfitters shoes (shudder), they probably have 3 wears left in them before they fall apart.