Tuesday, January 31, 2012

adventures in colorblocking

I decided to try out a bit of color blocking, maybe because I was accidentally inspired by Mila of Project Runway All Stars (Thursdays at 9PM EST on Lifetime, F Y I).

Although, let's be real, I don't think Mila would ever intentionally make something that looked like a 50s housedress with oversized buttons. Her version would look more like:


Oops, forgot my leather leggings and robot gloves, you guys.

The pattern is from the Spring 2012 McCall's collection, M6503, view D (the solid blue/denim dress on the bottom row). Obvi I left mine sleeveless. What is with the pink floral ruffle nonsense? Glad they threw a tasteful one in there or else I would've gagged right on past this pattern. 

I'm totally into dresses that button down the front bodice and are fitted in the waist (surprise). I saw a million at Target last night and had to pry my grubby paws off 'em all. Except for one that made me actually squeal in delight, so I purchased it. Let's just say it received the "squeal" of approval. I digress.

I added an inch to the bodice, underlined the white fabric, and lined the skirt. I used larger buttons than the pattern called for, but they matched the colors perfectly and I thought the effect would be cute.

Sorry, I've gone Picnik collage crazy. Just so you know, the bodice of this dress has ample room in the chest due to all the gathers. From the side it definitely looks like I've, uh, expanded A LOT in that area. Don't be fooled! Or, do be fooled.

I used the gray fabric on the front band, collar and midriff. I marked the skirt pieces in even thirds and decided to use white on the top third only. I did trim it down a bit so the dividing line would be a little higher than the absolute widest part of my hips, though it's still pretty close. It seems to work okay on a full skirt like this.

I'm unsure why this pattern calls for a regular zipper on the side. Even if I had had a white zipper on hand, I think it'd still look messy. Or maybe my zipper application skills are just really messy (I won't deny). Friends, if you make this pattern, I recommend you use an invisible zip. I also recommend having the zipper meet the top of the side seam, instead of two inches down, so you can step into the dress instead of having to maneuver it over your classy updo. This is bad news bears for those of us who live in apartments where you can't control your thermostat and so dry heat constantly blasts out of your vents, giving you the uncontrollable static head o' hair. 


I hate when other people think of questionably good puns before I do.

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