Friday, January 6, 2012

a bit o' bloggery braggery

Aw, BurdaStyle, you shouldn't have! But I'll let you.

That's my blue dress in the middle there, as a "featured member project." This was from 12/30/11 - and of course I took a screen shot of it. I wasn't going to toot my own horn about it on my blog or anything, but then I saw this tonight:

That's my green "neverland" blouse (bottom right)! Well shucks, two features in two weeks. Granted, they're bottom-bar features but I ain't mad. Maybe one day I'll have a real bangin' garment that will show as the top main photo slideshow on Burda's homepage as the "member project of the week" or "HANDPICKED BEST PROJECT OF 2000-2050 OR MAYBE EVER." I need to step my game up. But first, baby Burda steps. I like it.

Last week or so I also noticed that one of the main traffic sources to my blog was an Israeli website, and finally today I went there to see how I could possibly be being promoted over yonder. Turns out a crafty blogger across the sea tried my
round pintuck pillow tutorial (twice!) and was quite successful! I'm thrilled -- no one had told me they tried it yet. Her finished pillows are great. One in gray corduroy:

And one in floral cotton:

The direct link to her original post is here. It's in Hebrew but you can try to use Google Translate, or just look at the pretty photos. Anyway, feels good to know I offered some creative inspiration to someone halfway across the world. My pillow design was based off the Urban Outfitters' velvet pintuck pillow, the cool retro throwback pillow that costs $34. I still see the original Urban pillow everywhere (most recently on Elsie's living room tour) so I'm pretty chuffed that I figured out how to make such a hot commodity myself! See how I did it here.

New project photos tomorrow, I hope. It's pretty 
darling (hint? no?).