Monday, January 2, 2012

sew ablazin': simplicity 2250 jacket

The title of this post is supposed to be a play on "so amazin'." I sewed a blazer! That's kind of amazing. It's the simplest of all blazers, but it's still pretty blazin'.

Sorry for all the camera noise in these photos. Dark brown is difficult to photograph, especially when it's gray and snowing outside, in my already dark apartment. Waa waa.

This is the jacket from Simplicity 2250. Yea, that Cynthia Rowley sundress-from-hell pattern. You probably have this in your pattern stash, don't you? Maybe you somehow even managed to make this dress. Kudos.

The dress is definitely cute, but I gave up after having cut out all 15 pieces, 11 of which are for the bodice alone. I tried the first few steps but then realized that the instructions have you piece it together in the mirror image from how it is on the model (or maybe I'm an idiot), so I was all flustered. That fabric ended up becoming something else, and I ventured on to make the jacket pattern instead.

Cynthia Rowley headache

I actually made it in gray suiting fabric a long time ago so this is my second attempt. The first one was too big and my bias binding was a mess. This chocolate brown one's STILL slightly too big and my bias binding is STILL a mess, but at least it's better. I'm wondering why I can never sew on bias tape like a proper seamstress. I put together the jacket in a day. but spent probably a week (!!) fixing all the little sections of my binding where my stitches didn't catch both sides, or it was uneven, or too wavy, or stretched in wonky ways. I just have to accept that it'll never be perfect.

It's supposed to have a fabric belt but it didn't seem practical to use a fabric belt with a wool blazer. You know what else is not practical? Making this jacket in wool -- oops. I used a lightweight wool (thrifted, $8 for three yards!), but this jacket pattern is unlined so I'm a bit itchy in it. I'll try not to complain too much. Or just wear it over garments that have longer sleeves, like my zig zag Lisette dress in the first photos. Or add sleeve lining! Yeah right.

I think I keep clutching at the front panels to keep it looking fitted, because it ain't too flattering how it fans out in the back. It seems like it's too big, but I think that's just how it's designed. It has side panels, after all.

My pattern tweaks: added two inches to the overall length, and shortened/tightened the sleeves so they can be bunched up around my elbows.