Saturday, January 14, 2012

minoru sew-alone

Oops, I made a Minoru.

How'd that happen? I fully intended to participate in Tasia's Minoru Jacket sew-along, which begins on the Sewaholic blog on Monday the 16th. Darlings, I know that a sew-along means sewing along with your bloggery buddies so you can learn from one another and share your progress and, for once, not wallow in sorrow about how lonely it is to be the only one in your social group with a weird domestic hobby for grandmas-of-yore. But I just couldn't take the wait anymore. Sew-along I didn't; sew-alone I did.

I bought this pattern when it was first released two months ago and I found an appropriate fabric right away, so I've been waiting forrrrrrever to start on it. As the date neared I thought, "Okay, I'll just get myself prepped, take my sweet time and approach everything with care." I did, too! (Meaning, I traced the pattern pieces and read the instructions ahead of time). But next thing I knew I had a finished jacket.

I shortened the collar by about two inches, so it wouldn't stand as tall or flop open quite as wide when the jacket's unzipped. 
I also added exterior pockets since the pattern doesn't have them. I didn't think it through, though, and just used scrap fabric that was already shaped this way. Kind of weird-looking and not the most practical fit for my hands, but it'll do! There are two extra interior pockets, too, to hold even MORE stuff (most likely candy).

I'm almost afraid to show you my lining because it is SHINY and BRIGHT CHERRY RED. Garish, you could say. I used flannel-backed satin for the lining, even though I'm pretty sure that's a fabric meant for bath robes. It feels luxurious, though, and adds a bit of warmth. I also like blinding people with it.

The jacket fabric is another thrift store score: 4 yards of 60" wool in a tiny baby houndstooth pattern for $8. I think houndstooth looks more like the state of Texas than an actual hound's tooth, but you know me: always analyzing fabric in weird ways just to get a good Google Image out of it.

What do YOU think?

I didn't realize the zipper I bought was the two-way type. How is this possibly useful?:

I actually really like this jacket. I say "actually" because unfortunately I've haven't really liked too much of what I've sewn since I started this blog (with a few exceptions). But this thing is great. It sewed up like a dream and I miraculously didn't make obnoxious mistakes like I usually do, though there are definitely imperfections. The sleeves look too long but I think they're supposed to be like that, if you look at Tasia's version:

The pattern instructions seem to assume some experience on the sewer's part but I was never confused about anything. My first fully lined jacket and I hardly blinked an eye. The elastic waist was kind of tricky to mark, place, weave through and stretch to fit, but it came out okay.

Detail shot of the inside of the front exterior pockets. I lined it with the cherry shiny stuff, too.

Detail shot of the hanging loop on the inside back.

Minoru, you won't be able to handle this 18 degree weather, but I think we'll be alright friends in the end.

If you haven't joined the sew-along but think you want to, there's still time. Tasia plans to have it wrapped up by mid-February, so even if you don't start on Monday I bet you'll be able to finish it by the end. This took me three evenings (and three bobbins - be warned, there's a lot of topstitching). Here's her page with all the Minoru tags so you can see all the related posts.

Oh, and this is important: can someone tell me how to pronounce Tasia? Is it just Ta-sha, or is it Tah-zee-a? Does it rhyme with Asia? Sorry, Tasia.*
*UPDATE: Mystery solved, guys. Tasia stopped by in the comments to clarify; it's pronounced Tass-e-ah. How beautiful!